At ShOvation, we care deeply about your performances, your performers & your patrons as well as our service delivery team.  The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has been swift and has impeded the ability of people to gather (for rehearsals, practices & performances).  We realize this has also had a tremendous impact on performance scheduling too!

Because of the myriad of CDC, Federal, State, & County Health guidelines, regarding gatherings of any size, we realize there is much uncertainty regarding performance dates as well as when people can once again gather.  Many of you have already started to reschedule upcoming performances. 

ShOvation was an early adopter of remote work environments.  Our entire team is equipped to rapidly support your changing performance schedule.  We wish you & your staff, performers & patrons the very best as we move ahead & look forward to your future performances.  When you are ready to finalize your performance dates, please let us know and we will be here to support you!