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Tiara Sweepstakes

What you need to know

ShOvation announced the Tiara Sweepstakes on September 26, 2021, in Orlando, Florida while attending the Dance Teacher Resource Expo presented by UDMA (United Dance Merchants of America). The Expo was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. During the show, ShOvation met with studio owners and presented information about its online ticketing services. At all 2021 Expo locations (Orlando, Secaucus, and Dallas), ShOvation informed booth visitors about the Tiara Sweepstakes which will consist of cash and other prizes. On February 22, 2022, Laylas Dance Costumes agreed to partner with ShOvation in support of the Tiara Sweepstakes as the exclusive costume company for the ShOvation Tiara Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Rules

To qualify for the Tiara Sweepstakes a prospective entrant must:

  1. Be a dance or ballet studio, dance academy, cheer and dance center, or performing-arts academy (offering music, dance, acting classes). Please note you must enter your organization or entity name. ShOvation is a B2B company and to qualify for the sweepstakes entry you must enter your business which could be a partnership, LLC, corporation, non-profit or other entity).
  2. Have hosted, or will host, a performance/recital event between 3/15/2020 and 6/18/2022.
  3. Prospective sweepstakes entrants (meeting the criteria above) who had an event cancelled due to the pandemic are still eligible for entry into the Tiera Sweepstakes.
  4. Email tickets@shovation.com or sign up at the following URL to enter the Tiara Sweepstakes. Please include your studio name, date of performance, name of performance, performance venue and approximate attendance. Any qualified entrant who sends an email entry form by 6/18/2022 (& meets the qualification criteria noted in 1-3 above) will be entered into the Tiara Sweepstakes.

You do not need to be a customer of ShOvation to enter the sweepstakes, but your organization does need to meet the criteria above (1-3). Note – all ShOvation customers who meet the criteria will automatically be entered into the Tiara Sweepstakes.

Prize Descriptions

There will be six (6) prizes in total as follows:

Prize Level Prize
Grand Prize $2,500 Cash from ShOvation
1st Level Prize $500 gift card from Laylas Dance Costumes- expires June 30, 2023
2nd Level Prizes $250 Gift card for Laylas Dance Costumes- expires June 30, 2023

$250 Gift Card from ShOvation (travel related)

3rd Level Prizes $150 Gift Card from ShOvation (retail related)

$150 Gift Card for Laylas dance costumes- expires June 30, 2023

Timing and Winner Selections

To be eligible for entry into the Tiara Sweepstakes, your business’ entry must be received by June 18, 2022. Winners will be selected through a random drawing process. All prizes will be awarded on (or before) June 28, 2022. ShOvation will notify all sweepstakes winners directly by phone, email, or a letter and, by entering the Tiara sweepstakes, you & your business agree that ShOvation (and Layla’s Dance Costumes) has your (and your businesses) permission to announce sweepstakes winners on websites, social media, and other advertising/promotional resources. ShOvation and Layla’s will work with Tiara Sweepstakes winners to coordinate prize delivery.