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Trade Shows, Trade Fairs, Conventions, Showcases and Conferences

ShOvation's Event Services offering addresses the ecosystem of Show Managers, Exhibitors and Attendees. For Show Managers, ShOvation offers a customizable web and e-commerce enabled management portal (supporting various levels of customization) along with a highly secure connection to a payment platform accepting major credit cards and PayPal (payments can run through ShOvation's, or your, merchant account). Please note that ShOvation functions as a payment settlement entity. This makes it easier for show exhibitors to plan and to purchase the show services and products they need to have a successful show experience.

The Event Services ecosystem encompasses trade shows, trade fairs, conventions, showcases and conferences. These meetings allow exhibitors, partners and attendees to facilitate valuable face-to-face meetings which facilitate dialogue, increased sales and strategic initiatives all in an energy packed trade show area or in a quieter setting at the host hotel or a nearby restaurant. Importantly, these events facilitate face-to-face communication which is a nice trade off from the altogether too frequent virtual communication stemming from today’s email and social media flow.

Why make it difficult for exhibitors and attendees when everything can be simplified with ShOvation?

Event Services Features

Customizable, Web & E-Commerce Enabled Events Portal You can choose from various levels of customization choosing everything from having your own, totally branded site to using a shared site with a branded event.

E-commerce Store Front(s) with Custom Branded Landing Pages Add exactly the products and services tailored to each show. We can help you add the products and services and help set the discounted and standard pricing (as well as the timing of any price adjustments).

One-Stop Shop for Valuable Show Information and Ordering Links Can be supplemented with more elaborate WordPress and other CMS pages containing valuable show, venue and location information. No more searching through emails and multiple information sources for dates, times, locations and descriptions.

Order Management Functions Allow exhibitors to order key show services and products right from the comfort of their home office locations (via computer, tablet or mobile device).

Enhanced Reporting Abilities Our reporting package gives you 24-7-365 access to valuable order and revenue reports (which streamlines accounting and reporting functions). The reporting provides up-to-date, real time information showing you not only the availability of booth spaces but also the order flow of show services and products). This also allows you the flexibility to offer price promotions or to increase the price.

Early Bird, Discount and Standard Pricing Clearly communicate to exhibitors and attendees the timing cutoff of early bird pricing (to enable early bird shoppers to receive valuable discounts while still allowing standard pricing to those who miss the discount window).

Supports Key Marketing Functions This allows you to publish event links to email, social media and websites thereby communicating to your constituents as needed.

Barcode and QR Code Enabled Print @ Home Order Receipts Every order comes with its own barcode and QR code (which can be printed, sent to email or a mobile device). In addition to providing a receipt, the barcode and QR code can also be scanned on site (with full reporting available on all barcodes scanned).

Billing, Cash Flow, Budgeting & Accounting Because everything is available through an e-commerce store front, the billing is done concurrently when customers place there orders (since it is card or PayPal based billing there is no waiting for payment – thereby helping you get your money up front – no more calling customers after a show is over to try to collect payment). For exhibitors, the payment card payments facilitate budgeting and potentially reimbursements too. For you and your exhibitors, the accounting and reporting is already basically done (with reporting typically available 24-7-365 in user friendly and custom date range based downloadable CSV/PDF files).

Corporate Giving and/or Donations Also, if you want to add a donation module – to support a non-profit, corporate giving initiative or individual donation, ShOvation can easily add this to your event and shopping cart for easy check out (also, a receipt can be generated concurrent with check out as well).

Event Service Examples
Event Service Examples
Event Service Examples