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High schools and colleges have unique needs due to the large number of events and activities being held by multiple departments and event managers. Communication between all departments can be difficult. It is also difficult for students and patrons to be aware of all activities. With ShOvation, you can simplify this process by consolidating ticket sales into one place. This saves staff and faculty time for each department so they can focus on what they do best! If you currently have a box office, upgrading your box office with ShOvation's state-of-the-art technology and white label solutions will streamline your process and increase your revenue. We know you wear 30 hats a day, let us take this one, we guarantee you'll be glad you did!


ShOvation services hundreds of dance studios, high schools & colleges, performing arts organizations, ballet companies, and sports teams across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

ShOvation provides white label or private label solutions for any venue, organization or attraction.

ShOvation is the recipient of the 2015 Phoenix Awards for Ticketing Companies.

Any organization can use ShOvation to sell their tickets online.

ShOvation is the exclusive integrated ticketing system for Studio Director Software with optional integration features, preferred online ticket sales vendor of Discount Dance Supply and has been featured in Dance Teacher Magazine.

A current concern for high school and college events and activities is security. ShOvation online ticketing provides excellent solutions to increase security across your entire campus, including stadiums and arenas, performing arts theaters and auditoriums or meeting rooms with general admission and off-site locations. Many of our customers simply use our system for event registration. By selling tickets through ShOvation, you have real time reporting and contact information for those who have entered your campus.

ShOvation has extensive experience in setting up and managing online event ticketing.

Please contact us today at 1-844-732-4825 to determine the best solution to meet your unique needs!
How Do We Start?

Decide if you want to use Our Box Office at no cost to you! LEARN MORE or

Create a Custom Box Office for your own use. This is a complete custom white label solution that can be used by a single high school or college or shared by an entire school district. A ShOvation account manager can help you determine the details and equipment to meet your needs. LEARN MORE

To have ShOvation set up your events and use our box office, Simply fill out our Tell Us About Your Event form: Please send us your entire event schedule in the event description field. We will connect with you shortly to get more information to begin setting up your event such as your seat map as PDF or JPEG, this will be digitized for real time purchase. From there, we help you customize your pricing options such as section pricing, tiered pricing or one price for all seats. A private label solution is available for clients who wish to have their own box office run by ShOvation. Private label clients have their own featured event listing with their label. There is a fee for this service.

To create a custom box office for your own use, Simply fill out our Custom Box Office Request form: We will connect with you shortly to get more information about your event ticketing needs. These clients are white label clients meaning that your box office is customized with your own label and branding. You or your staff set up events and run the box office as an independent ticketing site. ShOvation provides technical support and bills at regular intervals for services provided.

  • Fully Customized Homepage
  • Online Ticketing
  • Online Merchandise Sales
  • Hosted Online Event Management
  • Interactive Seat Maps
  • Reserved seating and General Admission
  • Facebook Integration
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Donation Pages and Fundraising
  • Season Tickets and Discount Ticket Packages
  • Detailed Online Reporting
  • Early Financial Settlement
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Social Selling
  • Private and White Label Solutions
  • Access Control
  • Sporting Events (Men & Women)
    • Football
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Gymnastics
    • Baseball
    • Track & Field
    • Tennis
    • Cross Country
    • Wrestling
    • Cheer (Spiritline & Pom)
    • Competitions
  • Performing Arts
    • Dance
    • Choir
    • Band
    • Orchestra
    • Symphony
    • Opera
    • Concerts
    • Drama
    • Theater
    • Comedy
  • School Carnivals & Festivals
  • Dances (Homecoming, Prom, etc)
  • Graduation and Commencement
  • Day Camps and Summer Camps
  • Field Trips
  • Booster Clubs
  • Color Run and Fun Runs
  • Standardized Testing (PSAT, AP, IB, etc)
  • Event Registration

We look forward to serving your online ticketing and event hosting needs.