High Schools & Colleges: Increase Your Revenue with ShOvation!


Are you ready to have your school, college or university start selling tickets? ShOvation can set up a system very quickly with a few simple steps.

Visualize the benefits of a customizable e-commerce-for-education-platform brandable to the school level supporting a wide range of online ticketing activities for school and college events including:
Sporting events (football, basketball, soccer, tennis, track, cross country, etc.), musical events (band, choir, ensemble, etc.) & theatrical events(including plays, musicals and dance performances);
School activities (including proms, dances, homecoming, graduation, and other parties),
Fundraising (for any official school or booster club fundraising activity sponsored by the school)
Merchandise sales (for shirts, yearbooks and other items).Please contact us to schedule a demonstration of our high school and college box office service via a collaborative online conference tool. During the demonstration, we will highlight the advantages of ShOvation’s services including:
Increased coordination across departments, 
• Increased efficiency and ticket fund collection, 
• Ease of-use for school patrons to purchase tickets to school events, 
• Enhanced fiscal control 
• Enhanced event security

We can outline the benefits of implementing ShOvation’s cloud-based technology during a demo conference call or by phone.

We look forward to hearing from you to schedule a demo, answer any questions, or begin setting up your organization’s online box office! Our system is completely customizable to meet your unique needs and our award-winning team is eager to serve you and increase your revenue!

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