Merchandise Sales Feature


ShOvation is proud to feature Merchandise Sales!!
For many organizations, in addition to selling tickets, they are also selling additional merchandise for their events such as raffle tickets, t-shirts, DVDs, flowers, photos and more. In our continued effort to simplify the lives of our customers and their patrons, we pioneered offering merchandise sales on the same event homepage as your ticket sales! ShOvation has offered this feature for several years. Merchandise items are sold at a greatly reduced convenience fee to the patron. This is a great way to cross-promote sales and increase revenue. Another benefit of selling merchandise online with your tickets is easier fulfillment and inventory tracking with our online detailed reporting. You will have real-time access to dollar volume sold, quantity, sales potential and more for every item you sell. In addition you will have a report to track which customers have purchased which items and their contact information. We are the innovator of offering merchandise sales to our clients in the dance recital ticketing space! Just another way that ShOvation is simplifying the lives of our clients.

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