Top Things ShOvation Does As Your Ticketing Provider

Your production is special; all your faculty, staff, students and families put so much effort into making the show come together. You need your ticketing company to respect that experience. ShOvation understands how important your event is for you and your ticketing experience reflects this.

If you are working with an online ticket source for your event tickets you are trusting that company to deliver an excellent product from start to finish. They should be able to set up your social media sharing, graphics, digital seat map, reporting and timelines with very little work on your part. They should provide the best service that not only makes you look organized but helps you manage your event funds, ticket inventory, merchandise orders, social media sales and email reminders.
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When considering an online ticketing company for performances, look for these top things they MUST do:

1-Pay you on time and fast! ShOvation pays out quickly and during ticket sales so you don't have to wait until the end of your event to see a check! Contact your ShOvation Account Manager for payment dates and automatic deposit.

2-Provide 24/7 online ticket reporting. This means you can log in anytime you like and see ticket sales in real time. You should be able to download this data, run your own reports and contact patrons directly. Request a sample of this from your ShOvation Online Ticketing Account Manager.

3-Not crash during peak hours. How robust is this service? Check around, ask their clients if they have ever had a system crash. You want to feel confident that the system you choose will support that load. ShOvation is able to handle extremely high volumes for multiple events simultaneously.

4-Have award-winning customer service and sales staff. Your ticket company should handle all your customer service calls for you...and with a smile. This is one of the reasons you chose to go digital, to take away some of the administrative work that goes along with hosting an event. Make sure there is a customer service line that your clients can call or email to send their questions to. What is your refund or exchange policy? Make sure your online ticket company knows how you want situations like these handled ahead of time. ShOvation is the proud recipient of the Phoenix Business Recognition Award for online ticketing.

5- Be a Recital and Performance Resource. How many online ticketing companies can say they work with dance studio owners EVERY DAY to perfect their ticket sale process? ShOvation Account Managers are personally invested in the success of your show and interact with clients daily on special needs.

6-Have full graphic presentation and branding of your organization. Your event images and logo is shown prominently on your ticket sales pages with This helps patrons quickly identify they have reached your event ticket sales. You receive a link that can be embedded on your website and/or emailed to patrons. You can choose to feature your event on ShOvation's page or choose to keep it hidden from public view.

7- Provide studio software integration options or hidden access.  Assign a specific class to an event or performance time and they are directly linked to that online ticket sales portal with ShOvation Online Ticketing and Studio Director Software. For a full list of how to use this interactive service contact Studio Director or ShOvation for more details.

8-Offer a "Vanity URL" for easy link sharing. Can you get an easy to remember URL for ticket sales like ""?

9- Social Media sharing options. Let patrons share their purchase with friends on social media immediately. Link ticket sales to your Facebook page.

10-Offer an option for merchandise and recital program sales. Your online ticket portal can be a go-to place for your members by having tickets, t-shirts, DVDs, yearbooks, flowers, etc all in one place for purchase.

11-Online donation and fundraising options. ShOvation offers donation pages for non-profit organizations for clients with ticketed events. This service also provides patrons with an automatic tax-deductible receipt and thank you letter!

12-Ability to offer discounted packages easily online with your event. Offer a discounted price to patrons who purchase tickets to multiple shows on the same event link with single performance tickets!

Anjali Wilson YAGP 2016

ShOvation Account Managers work with every organization's  individual needs to provide what works best for you.

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