Let them know WHERE and WHEN to buy!

One of the easiest ways to boost your recital revenue is to REALLY communicate where to buy tickets and when they go on sale.

Do you think you remind your clients enough about show dates and times? There is always someone who didn’t know tickets were on sale or where the performance will take place. Here are some ways to make sure your clients know where and when tickets go on sale plus how to get additional sales.

  1. Email your ShOvation.com event link out to your clients at least once a week, add it in your email signature and provide a link in every e-newsletter you send.
  2. Share on Facebook and Twitter daily and add final voice mail broadcast and text alerts to seal the deal.
  3. Use your included shOvation.com Facebook app to sell tickets directly on Facebook.
  4. Provide a static button on your studio website where clients can find tickets.
  5. Encourage those that have already purchased tickets to use shOvation social share immediately after purchase.
  6. Create proper studio signage to direct your clients to your tickets online.
  7. Customize automated emails for those that have already purchased tickets to remind them to print their tickets or alert them that more tickets are available.
  8. Request a Sample Parent Communication letter from your shOvation Event Representative.

For more details on how to get started on improving your recital communication or setting up your event, contact a shOvation Event Representative today 1-844-RECITAL, press 2 for new event set up or email sales@shovation.com.

Want more details on how to create automated voice broadcasts? We can provide pricing packages at your request.


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