The top three things your online ticket company MUST do

Your production is special, all your faculty, staff, students and families put so much effort into making the show come together.You need your ticket company to respect that experience. If you are working with an online ticket source for your recital tickets you are trusting that company to deliver an excellent product from start to finish. They should be able to set up your social media sharing, graphics, digital seat map, reporting and timelines with very little work on your part.  They should provide the best service that not only makes your studio look organized but helps you manage your recital funds, ticket inventory, merchandise orders, social media sales and email reminders.

When considering an online ticketing company for recital, look for these top three things they MUST do:


1 - Provide 24/7 online ticket reporting. This means you can log in anytime you like and see studio ticket sales in real time. You should be able to download this data, run your own reports and contact buyers directly. Request a sample of this from your ShOvation Online Ticketing Event Manager.

2 - Not crash during peak hours. How robust is this service? Check around, ask their clients if they have ever had a system crash. You want to feel confident that when all 400 family members from your studio are logged in at 9am on a Monday to buy tickets the system you choose will support that load.


3 - Have award-winning customer service and sales staff. Your ticket company should handle all your customer service calls for you...and with a smile. This is one of the reasons you chose to go digital, to take away some of the administrative work that goes along with hosting a recital. Make sure there is a customer service line that your clients can call or email to send their questions to. What is your refund or exchange policy? Make sure your online ticket company knows how you want situations like these handled ahead of time. ShOvation Online Ticketing Event Managers work with every studio on their individual needs to  provide what works best for your studio.

Some other benefits of ShOvation Online Ticketing is our recital management assistance through our system. For more details on our automated reminder emails, attaching your ShOvation ticketed event to your classes in Studio Director software, DVD or merchandise sales and other recital management contact our sales team now 1-844-RECITAL, press 2 for sales and event set up.

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  1. Tanya Keller February 17, 2016

    I am in a very unique situation and would like some more information about your company. My dance studio is a Studio Director client in the U.S. I am currently teaching in China and have left my studio operating under a manager. I am looking for a ticketing service for an upcoming event that can link with Studio Director and not allow ticket sales to customers with past due balances. Each of our families receives 4 free tickets for our end of the year production but must pay for additional seats. They will not receive their free tickets or be allowed to purchase tickets until their pass due balances have been paid. Is this a service you can help us with? Please contact me at this email:
    Thank you!

  2. Patricia Anderson September 16, 2016

    Thank you for sharing this information. It will be good for my friend to know for his company. Thank you!

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